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Articles relating to Bolton and its local authority.

Open Letter Bolton Highway Authority

Dear Bolton Highway Authority, SUB-STANDARD CYCLE LANES IN BOLTON In August 2011, I wrote to Bolton Streetcare, pointing out a number of issues regarding the poor standard of cycle lanes in Bolton, particular on my commuter route from Astley Bridge … Continue reading

Why do you … ride in the middle of the lane past Topp Way

This is the approach to the junction between Higher Bridge Street and Topp Way in Bolton. It is a tricky junction because it is very busy, it involves climbing a fairly steep hill on the approach, it has a very … Continue reading

Kamikaze Cycle Lanes – Part 2

Last April, I wrote a blog article about what I called Kamikaze Cycle Lanes. These are cycle lanes that force a cyclist to swerve out across a traffic flow, and I said I thought these were very dangerous. I even … Continue reading

#cyclesafe – Letter to my Bolton Councillors

It seems to me that the issues being raised by the Safer Cycling campaign need  to be addressed collaboratively at the local and national levels. Some town and city councils have realized this and responded, but I’ve heard nothing from … Continue reading

Sub-Standard Cycle Lanes in Bolton

Last August, I wrote to the Highways Department in Bolton about the standard of cycle lanes in Bolton, many of which I believe cause more problems than if they had not been there at all. Below is a copy of … Continue reading

Why do you … ignore the cycle lane on Manchester Road?

Well, this is nowhere near worthy of the title “cycle lane”. It is far too narrow to be taken seriously, according to the DfT’s own guidelines. It was this incident that made up my mind just to ignore it in … Continue reading

Why do you … block the traffic going uphill through Astley Bridge traffic lights?

Even though it is hard to pick up speed up the hill there, I started to hold the centre of the inside lane all the way through the lights and past the road that forks to the left. This is … Continue reading

Why do you … ride in the middle of the f*****g road on Kearsley roundabout?

I ride far out into the lane, as recommended by the Cyclecraft book, to stop idiots and lunatics from forcing me into the traffic entering from the road on the left: I also try to keep control of the lane … Continue reading

When a Lane Peels Off to The Left

This is a place where I have had several problems and tried a number of strategies. The approach I have finally settled on is undoubtedly the safest option, but is one that sometimes annoys a small minority of drivers. They … Continue reading