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Spoiling the ship for a ha’porth of tar: NCR55 again.

I have been generally pleased to see the work on National Cycle Route 55, especially the Bolton branch, which was upgraded a couple of years ago. (Notwithstanding the unfortunate stone chip surface that was added to the nice tarmac.) So, … Continue reading

Neither one nor t’Other! (Salford’s proposed Cycle Infrastructure.)

Salford City Council has published the plans for their share of the Greater Manchester’s “Cycle City Ambition Grant”, otherwise know as Velicity 2025. It seems the consultation on the first of three “packages” closed yesterday. Unfortunately I missed that as … Continue reading

Highlighting the bad bits.

Update (6th March 2014): Modified the annotations in the map to include links to videos showing examples of the problems that I encounter at these locations. Yesterday, I saw the following Twitter post from the All Party Cycling Group: My … Continue reading

Playing billiards with cyclists?

Introduction In the game of billiards, points can be scored by hitting the red ball and the opponent’s cue ball in the same shot; that is called a cannon. I wonder whether the equivalent on the road involves hitting two … Continue reading

Local Authorities – they just don’t get it!

[7th May 2013 – Scroll to the bottom for an update.] This picture shows some road works that have appeared on Bolton Road in Salford, near the Pendlebury roundabout: I was pleased to see this raised “island” being put in … Continue reading

Why do you … ride in the middle over the M60 bridge

Two lane carriageways often present a difficult problem for cyclists. If you ride near the kerb (secondary position) in the inside lane, many motorists will try to share that lane with you and pass too close, often not even moving … Continue reading

A perfect illustration of an entrenched attitude.

The picture below shows a cycle lane in Salford, England. It was taken in the middle of a Friday morning, after the commuter rush had died down. For me, the picture captures perfectly the entrenched, and frankly very unhealthy, attitude … Continue reading

20mph Speed Limits

There is a lot of argument about the issue of introducing 20 miles-per-hour speed limits on certain roads, as proposed by various campaign groups such as 20’s plenty for us. I thought I would look at this in relation to … Continue reading

Negotiating the gyratory (big roundabout).

I think the technical name for this big roundabout at a 2 level junction is a gyratory. I guess someone will come along and correct me if I’m wrong. The reason I posted this is because it illustrates an extreme … Continue reading