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AS the title suggests. I answer the questions “why do you…” do something that the drivers often don’t understand, using examples of what can happen if I don’t .

Why do you … hog the lane at the bottom of Blackburn Rd in Bolton?

There is a place that I have to go through pretty much every time I approach home from the south, where I have a lot of trouble from drivers – especially bus drivers – who disagree with my choice of … Continue reading

Why do you … ride in the middle from Higher Bridge Street to Bank Street, Bolton?

This post is about a short length of my commuting route that involves going through three traffic light controlled junctions in succession and includes a short section of road that, due to its width, appears to be appropriate for lane … Continue reading

Why do you … ride in the middle of the f*****g road through Farnworth?

I sometimes get problems with aggressive drivers when riding through Farnworth so, in response to an ignorant driver who tried to “educate” me about cycling road positions, despite his having no training or experience, here is an example giving chapter … Continue reading

Why do you … block the whole road coming into Bolton?

This article is a video that I created back in September. Its purpose is to explain some of the reasons why a cyclist takes up a strong road position in the centre of the lane (sometimes called “primary position”, or … Continue reading

Why do you … ride in the middle over the M60 bridge

Two lane carriageways often present a difficult problem for cyclists. If you ride near the kerb (secondary position) in the inside lane, many motorists will try to share that lane with you and pass too close, often not even moving … Continue reading

Why do you … ride in the middle of the lane past Topp Way

This is the approach to the junction between Higher Bridge Street and Topp Way in Bolton. It is a tricky junction because it is very busy, it involves climbing a fairly steep hill on the approach, it has a very … Continue reading

Why do you … ignore the cycle lane on Manchester Road?

Well, this is nowhere near worthy of the title “cycle lane”. It is far too narrow to be taken seriously, according to the DfT’s own guidelines. It was this incident that made up my mind just to ignore it in … Continue reading

Why do you … block the traffic going uphill through Astley Bridge traffic lights?

Even though it is hard to pick up speed up the hill there, I started to hold the centre of the inside lane all the way through the lights and past the road that forks to the left. This is … Continue reading

Why do you … ride in the middle of the f*****g road on Kearsley roundabout?

I ride far out into the lane, as recommended by the Cyclecraft book, to stop idiots and lunatics from forcing me into the traffic entering from the road on the left: I also try to keep control of the lane … Continue reading

Why do you … feel a need to video your journeys?

I was asked this question in a discussion forum recently and it forced me to think about it a bit more. I did this without looking at answers to similar questions in other people’s blogs, so that I could produce … Continue reading