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Pull the other one David.

Greater Manchester is a large county that has a population, at the 2011 census, of about 2.7 million. It is one of the major winners of the Government’s Cycling City Ambition Grants, with a grant of ¬£20 million over two … Continue reading

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Heartily sick of these pathetic anti-cyclist attitudes.

There is a certain type of person who refuses to accept the responsibility that comes with being in charge of a tonne or more of powerful, ¬†dangerous machinery in a public place, and tries to justify their disgusting attitude by … Continue reading

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Let’s stop just treating (one of) the symptoms.

In a recent discussion about the appalling designs for Salford’s part of Greater Manchester’s Cycling City Ambition Grant project, Velocity 2025, I was prompted to think again about the lack of holistic thinking that seems to exist among many well-meaning … Continue reading

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Neither one nor t’Other! (Salford’s proposed Cycle Infrastructure.)

Salford City Council has published the plans for their share of the Greater Manchester’s “Cycle City Ambition Grant”, otherwise know as Velicity 2025. It seems the consultation on the first of three “packages” closed yesterday. Unfortunately I missed that as … Continue reading

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