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Myth: “Emergency services won’t be able to get through”.

Filtered neighbourhoods typically allow motor vehicle access to all residences; you just have to use the designated route(s). For many decades, housing estates have been designed like this anyway and millions of people live in cul-de-sacs without having any fear … Continue reading

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Why I chose this picture for Active Travel

I recently changed the profile picture of the Bolton Active Travel Forum Facebook page that I run. I chose this picture, which I took in Copenhagen in 2019, because it captures so many aspects of active travel, what we mean … Continue reading

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Myth: “LTNs unfairly increase traffic on boundary roads.”

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs), also known as Filtered Neighbourhoods or Active Neigbourhoods, involve restricting motor traffic on residential streets to access-only, often by placing bollards or planters (called “modal filters”). The complaint often made is that this will increase traffic … Continue reading

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