North York Moors

We went on holiday to Sandsend near Whitby last week. On one day, I decided to use my bike to travel to Goathland and Robin Hood’s Bay whilst the family went in the car, even though I had a bit of a sore throat. “Kill or cure”, thought I. Unfortunately, I took some wrong turns, so it ended up being a bit of a killer for me. Ended up with a serious throat infection that has put me off my bike for a couple of weeks. For the best part of a week, I couldn’t eat a sandwich without the aid of analgesia, an ice lolly and a spare hour to do the eating. However, two courses of antibiotics later it is slowly on the mend and I hope to cycle to work on Monday.

Here is my route and statistics. 33 miles (OK, not so far) and nearly 2,500 feet of climbing (a lot for me). Steepest hill was 1-in-3, and many others were 1-in-4. The biggest climb was Blue Bank, which rises about about 800ft in 2 miles. This was a challenging day for me, but I’m pleased to say I didn’t get off and walk once. I’ll never complain about the hills around home again, though.

North York Moors Ride, 17th July 2011

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