Why do you … ride in the middle of the f*****g road on Kearsley roundabout?

Claiming the lane on Kearsley roundabout
I ride far out into the lane, as recommended by the Cyclecraft book, to stop idiots and lunatics from forcing me into the traffic entering from the road on the left:

I also try to keep control of the lane all the way round the roundabout to prevent idiots from coming up my outside and preventing me from taking this safe road position:

Finally, if you look back at the picture at the top of the article, you can see that there is a white van approaching the roundabout, whose view is obscured by the Salford Van Hire truck. If I position myself as in the picture, I can see the front of the van approaching, and there is a good chance that the van driver will see me before getting onto the roundabout. If I were to ride next to the kerb, I would not be able to see the van and the van driver might not be able to see me until it was too late.

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