Myth: “Cyclists should have insurance.”

In fact, most people who live in a house that is insured probably are covered by personal liability insurance, which includes damage caused whilst cycling. Such insurance is extremely cheap because cycling is an extremely low-risk activity. For example, the personal liability part of my house insurance covers anyone in the house up to £2 million, and I get £10 million of cover thrown in free with my CyclingUK membership.

People who don’t have such insurance would need to be pursued through the courts just like anyone else who causes damage – whilst carrying a ladder, for example. Motor vehicles, on the other hand, are required to be insured because they bring such a massive risk to the public:

When we see someone on a bicycle causing damage like this, perhaps we can talk about cycling insurance.
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  1. livinginabox says:

    It’s important to debunk these myths.
    I believe it’s important to mention that in probably by all measures, that driving is uniquely dangerous, in ways that cycling cannot be. For instance motor vehicles as amply demonstrated by your illustration can penetrate buildings, and having done so, kill or severely injure the occupants of said building.

    A man and a woman arrested after a van crashed into a house, killing a 90-year-old woman who lived there, have been released while enquiries continue.
    Two members of a family suffered broken bones when a car ploughed into their home as they sat watching television.

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