Myth: “Cyclists (will) just ignore cycleways anyway.”

It’s true that a lot of the cycle lanes that exist right now across the borough do not get used by cyclists. That is because they are almost all of very poor quality and tend to put cyclists in danger rather than keeping them safe. Narrow painted cycle lanes less than 2 metres wide actually cause drivers to pass closer to people on cycles than they would if the lane wasn’t there.

Cyclists are advised not to use this cycle lane at the bottom of Blackburn Road

Cyclists who have been trained to ride on the road properly know that they should always stay well away from the kerb and should ride in the centre of the traffic flow unless they are sure there is space to be overtaken safely. There are many reasons why a cyclist would (should) choose to ignore a poor quality cycle lane.

Good quality cycle lanes, designed in accordance with the government guidelines, that protect people on cycles from motor traffic tend to get used. Think about it; why would anyone who wants to get somewhere on a cycle, alive and well, choose to ride on the roads with the maniacs and careless drivers when there is a well designed good quality, protected cycleway? If you see someone not using a cycleway, you can be pretty sure there is a good reason.

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