Kamikaze Cycle Lanes – Part 2

Last April, I wrote a blog article about what I called Kamikaze Cycle Lanes. These are cycle lanes that force a cyclist to swerve out across a traffic flow, and I said I thought these were very dangerous. I even wrote to the local Highways Authority about them (among other things), but they didn’t seem very interested in doing anything about it.

In that article, I included a video of my own, showing an example of a bus cutting me up in such a cycle lane. That was from before I started ignoring the cycle lane and riding in the centre of the inside lane instead.

This morning, I saw that Croydon Cyclist had linked to a video that unfortunately illustrates even more effectively why cycle lanes like this are particularly dangerous:

Whilst this is clearly the bus driver’s fault, I think the cycle lane design is a significant contributing factor. I do hope this cyclist is OK.

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