Looking back … a celebration :-)

It is now 3 years since I started regularly cycling to work. In that time, I have covered approximately 11,000 miles on my bike.

In cycling that distance, I will have burned about 500,000 Calories of energy, which is roughly equivalent to 10 stones (140 pounds) of body fat. I am currently about 2.5 stones lighter than I was 3 years ago, even though I eat far more than I did then.

By not using the car for these miles, I have saved about 1100 litres of fuel, which would have cost £1,500 at today’s price, and would have produced 3 tonnes of CO2.

By not paying for a parking permit at work over the past 2 years, I have saved another £550. I don’t think I’ve spent £2,000 on cycling stuff, even including a nice bike.

By joining in charity rides, I have raised nearly £2,500 (some individually, some as part of a team), mostly for the Christie cancer hospital and some for the Breast Cancer Care charity. Some of those rides I did wearing the clothes I was born in.

Cue James Brown. ♫♪ 🙂

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