Highlighting the bad bits.

Update (6th March 2014): Modified the annotations in the map to include links to videos showing examples of the problems that I encounter at these locations.

Yesterday, I saw the following Twitter post from the All Party Cycling Group:

My immediate response was to say that it is the whole of my journey, or that it would be easier to highlight the good bits, but of course that is not very productive. So instead, as I’ve been meaning to get more into open data type stuff such as Open Street Map, I decide to build a map and start documenting things properly. The current map is only a start: I just annotated it with the most significant places in my commute, and limit it to only those things that I can associate with a junction. So at the time of writing, the map of my 25 mile round trip commute has only a mere 38 annotations on it. I’m sure it will be far more than that when I have had time to put everything on there.

Note, this map doesn’t seem to work well on mobile devices – or at least I can’t use it on my Samsung Galaxy Note II, so it probably will not work on others – so it’s best to use it on a laptop or desktop computer.

Here is the map with my annotations:

You can zoom and scroll the map in the usual way, and may click here to view it full screen.

I’m thinking of perhaps opening it up for others to add their data, but perhaps someone has already done that but I couldn’t find it. If you know of such a crowd-sourced map already available, please let me know.

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